Rams Rumors: Sean McVay Returning As Head Coach In 2023
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

After a disappointing 5-12 season, there are a lot of question marks surrounding the Los Angeles Rams going into the offseason.

The biggest question of them all surrounded the future of head coach Sean McVay. For the second consecutive offseason, McVay contemplated taking a break from coaching.

McVay is pedal to the medal 24 hours and day, seven days a week and although he is still just 36 years of age, that can take a toll on you. Over the last calendar year, McVay has dealt with a lot, including winning the Super Bowl, getting married and supporting his wife and her family in Ukraine.

It would be natural for McVay to feel burnt out at the conclusion of the season, and reports indicated he would take some time to decide on his future. There were signs pointing towards McVay stepping down as he reportedly allowed his coaching staff to seek other positions.

McVay didn’t take long to make his decision, however, and it’s a good one for the Rams and their fans. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, McVay has decided to return as head coach of the Rams in 2023:

While the idea of stepping down and working far fewer hours as a TV analyst was enticing but in the end, continuing to coach won out for McVay.

Although the Rams failed to meet expectations in 2022, the hope is that with McVay still leading the way and better health, they can get back on track in 2023.

Now that McVay is staying, the same can likely be said for Aaron Donald as he has stated in the past that he will continue playing as long as his head coach is in L.A. Matthew Stafford also said he has no plans of retiring, so the Rams’ Super Bowl core will largely remain in tact for at least one more year.

Now, McVay’s next task will likely be figuring out his coaching staff as both Raheem Morris and Thomas Brown are interviewing for head coaching positions. Offensive coordinator Liam Coen also left to go back to Kentucky, so McVay may have a lot of coaches to replace in the coming weeks.

Bringing in coordinators with experience would be very beneficial not only for the Rams players, but also McVay as he continues to try to find a balance between work and his home life.