Rams Rumors: Sean McVay Allowing Staff To Seek Other Positions As Retirement Rumors Swirl
Sean McVay, Rams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just one year removed from winning the Super Bowl, the Los Angeles Rams could soon find themselves in unprecedented territory with regard to their roster and coaching staff. The first major domino of the Rams’ offseason is the uncertain future of head coach Sean McVay.

At just 36 years old, McVay is already one of the most accomplished and best head coaches in the NFL. And yet, McVay confirmed after the Rams season finale that he is considering stepping away from coaching temporarily and is taking some time to evaluate all his options.

Knowing that his decision affects the paths of a number of lower-level coordinators and assistants around him, he has reportedly given his permission for his entire staff to seek out other positions, according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN:

Teams are already not allowed to block coaches from seeking promotions. However, they are allowed to block lateral moves, such as an offensive coordinator interviewing to be another team’s offensive coordinator. But reports say McVay is allowing lateral moves as well.

Should McVay ultimately go through with leaving the Rams and beginning a hiatus from coaching, it would signal one of the fastest collapses of a Super Bowl core in NFL history. McVay had reportedly convinced Aaron Donald to return to the Rams for the 2022 and 2023 seasons after he had all but decided on his retirement.

The Rams also signed players like Bobby Wagner and Allen Robinson in an attempt to re-load their championship core. But with season-ending injuries to Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, Robinson and Donald, perhaps a complete reset could be the team’s course of action.

Of course, the option still remains for the Rams to go for another championship run. Their core from the beginning of the 2022 season is still largely intact, and if everyone is healthy, who’s to say a few more depth pieces couldn’t be added to build a competent roster.

There are an unbelievable number of factors likely going through McVay’s head. But for the time being, his coaching staff may start getting poached as assistants get offers in more stable situations.

Raheem Morris interviewing with Broncos, Colts

Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris has already seen interest from some of the league’s available head coaching destinations. Two in particular, the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts, have reportedly requested to interview Morris. The Rams, of course, would accept.

Morris is being considered along with a host of other qualified candidates for two of the most fascinating head coaching opportunities in the NFL.