Eric Dickerson Weighs In On Jeff Fisher’s Extension

In the early hours prior to their matchup versus the New England Patriots, the Los Angeles Rams uneventfully announced two-year contract extensions for both head coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead.

The announcement was then followed up by an atrocious 26-10 loss at the hands of Tom Brady and company in Foxborough, which has only added confusion surrounding the recent deal. Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson, who has never been too shy to criticize the coaching staff, joined Fox 11 Los Angeles to provide his thoughts on the extensions:

“I knew they probably had extension in place when I met with Kevin Demoff this week and talked about it. I asked him point-blank, ‘does he have an extension?’ and he said, ‘well we’ve been talking about it.’ So I said, ‘I know what that means, he has one’ and he didn’t answer me.”

Dickerson recently got in a dispute with the Rams front office regarding his critique on Fisher throughout the season. Although the sides were subsequently able to resolve the issue, this has not deterred the Rams legend from his thoughts on Fisher as head coach:

“He’s not the coach for this football team. He’s had five years of this. I feel bad for all the Rams fans because I feel like I’m the Rams fans’ voice. I’m a fan like Vince (Ferragamo) is a fan, like Jackie (Slater) is a fan, and I feel like we’re going in the wrong direction with the football team.”

Dickerson’s comments hardly come without any merit as the Rams are now 4-8 and rank near the bottom-five of every relevant offensive category. With the deal seemingly in the books, it is hard to imagine Los Angeles putting up with two more years of sub-par football.