No Guarantee Jeff Fisher Returns If Rams Poor Play Continues

With the Los Angeles Rams officially out of playoff contention for the fifth year in a row under head coach Jeff Fisher, there was a growing sense this would be his last season with the team.

Surprisingly, the Rams front office reiterated their confidence in the veteran coach by signing him to a two-year extension. However, after it was inauspiciously announced in the early hours before Los Angeles tilt versus the New England Patriots, it seems the deal may not be as set in stone as many presumed according to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report:

“Despite Jeff Fisher signing a two-year contract extension, there is no absolute assurance he will return if their poor play continues,” Cole said. “Fisher’s extension was agreed upon in the offseason but was never announced, he is more than likely to return because he drafted Jared Goff. But L.A.’s interest in the Rams has faded so quickly that his job could be in jeopardy.”

The news comes as sigh relief for the heavy number of Rams faithful who feel Fisher has worn out his welcome with the franchise. There had been rumors during the preseason that the two sides had agreed to a contract extension, but they were quickly dispelled by Fisher himself. Regardless, there is no doubt that he has caught some heat as of late on how he is currently running this team.

Since the announcement, there has been speculation that Los Angeles might just buy out his contract should the team continue to struggle. Unfortunately, with the growing dismay for Fisher among fans, the Rams brass may have to make a decision sooner rather than later.