Todd Gurley Concerned About Wins Than Individual Numbers

The Los Angeles Rams offense was abysmal on all fronts throughout the 2016-17 NFL season. Perhaps the toughest pill to swallow was watching Todd Gurley struggle through a sophomore slump.

Fortunately, there is plenty optimism for a bounceback season from Gurley with the overhaul of a new coaching staff and veteran offensive lineman. However, according to Myles Simmons of Rams, Gurley is focused more on helping the team win rather than individual statistics:

“Four-and-twelve is definitely not the season [record anyone] wants. I don’t really care about what I do individually,” Gurley said. “We probably wouldn’t have this discussion if we were 14-2 and I had 200 yards. It really doesn’t matter what I do or what anyone else does on this team. It’s about what we do as a team together.”

Gurley’s selflessness and humble approach to the game are what makes him such an integral part of this team. However, if Los Angeles is going to fill up the win column, they will need their former Offensive Rookie of the Year to get back to his All-Pro ways.

There were a number of issues that factored into Gurley’s down season starting with the offensive line and inability to pass downfield. However, there were times Gurley himself looked a bit hesitant when running the ball.

Los Angeles made some big strides this offseason with the addition of head coach Sean McVay along with offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth and John Sullivan. However, this season’s offensive production will ultimately come down to Gurley and Jared Goff.