Todd Gurley Breaks Defender’s Ankles On Basketball Court

Now that the Los Angeles Rams offseason is in full swing, players must find ways to pass the time before preparing for team festivities. While some players tend to fish or go on vacation, running back Todd Gurley still finds himself putting in work at the gym.

However, he was not doing power cleans or hang squats as fans might expect. Instead, he was on the hardwood doing his best Bone Collector impression according to Instagram:

As one can see, Gurley possesses a killer crossover that makes fans wonder whether or not he is considered suiting up in the purple and gold for the Los Angeles Lakers. Not only does he have explosive footwork and agility, but at 6′ 2″ and 230 pounds, he would be one of the more physically imposing point guards in the league.

Luckily for fans, however, Gurley still serves as the Rams workhorse. Despite a down year, he has shown how truly special he can be with just a little bit of running room.