Sean McVay Believes Baker Mayfield’s Time With Rams Should Raise His Stock Entering Free Agency
Baker Mayfield, Sean McVay, Rams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When quarterback Baker Mayfield joined the Los Angeles Rams after being released by the Carolina Panthers, the stock of the former top overall draft pick was at an all-time low. But pairing up with head coach Sean McVay and the Rams has led to Mayfield having a solid stretch in Los Angeles.

Mayfield has gone 2-2 in his four games with the Rams, including an impressive comeback victory in his first game against the Las Vegas Raiders and an absolute domination of the Denver Broncos on Christmas Day. Overall, Mayfield has completed 67 percent of his passes with four touchdowns and just one interception.

Considering the position Mayfield was thrust into, McVay believes the quarterback has done a lot to raise his stock in his short time with the Rams and has left a big impression on the team according to Cameron DaSilva of USA Today:

“Been huge. He’s left a huge impression and I think all of his teammates would echo that same sentiment,” McVay said. “Been really impressed with him. I don’t think you can minimize how quickly he’s come in, endeared himself to his teammates, gotten familiar with some of the vernacular, the verbiage, and then you’re going out and playing NFL-caliber football games. Want to be able to finish out on a high note but he’s done a great job and if this hasn’t elevated people’s opinions and thoughts of him, I’m not sure what he could’ve done to change whatever the perception is. I just know I think very highly of him and I’ve loved working with him.”

It can not be denied that Mayfield has performed very admirably with the Rams. Expectations were extremely low as both the quarterback and the Rams were both at low points, but the pairing of Mayfield and McVay has brought forth a couple of good performances from the team and it is hard to argue that Mayfield hasn’t given this team a boost.

Whether this performance would lead to Mayfield getting a chance at a starting job when he hits free agency remains to be seen. There aren’t a bunch of teams in need of a starter, and many times those teams are so bad that they have a chance to draft a top prospect. Even still, teams like the New York Jets and Raiders are undoubtedly looking to make a change.

At worst, Mayfield has shown that he can still succeed in the right situation and would make a good backup quarterback option and a team will surely give him that opportunity.