Richard Seymour, Chris Canty Fined for Hits Last Week

USATSI_7384560_154224518_lowresAfter the Kansas City Chiefs’ Tamba Hali accused the Raiders of playing dirty, Richard Seymour was fined for unnecessarily throwing Chiefs’ quarterback Matt Cassel to the ground after a pass attempt late in the fourth quarter.

Seymour received an unnecessary roughness penalty for the hit that led to the Chiefs scoring a touchdown in the final minutes of the game. According to NBC Sports Seymour took offense to Hali’s comments despite his hit on Cassel.

“You should play with an attitude. But in terms of being dirty, going out to hurt guys, I don’t think I play that way or any of my teammates [play dirty]. I don’t stand for it. But we do play tough and physical. I do believe that’s the way the game is supposed to be played. I respect guys that play the same way.”

The New York Giants’ Chris Canty was also fined for a hit on Tony Romo in last week’s win over the Cowboys. Canty hit Romo with the top of his helmet after the quarterback released the pass.

At the time, Canty wasn’t flagged for the play, which took 15 yards away from a Cowboys team that lost by five points.

Canty sacked Romo once and hit him three other times, one of which was what he was fined for by the NFL. Both men were fined $15,750 due to the NFL’s efforts to try and protect quarterbacks from taking unnecessary hits.

The Raiders will host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Giants will welcome the Pittsburg Steelers to Metlife Stadium this Sunday despite Hurricane Sandy leaving the hotel the Steelers are staying in without power.