Rams Video: Rookie Offensive Lineman Tremayne Anchrum Appreciative Of Sean McVay Allowing Players To Speak Out Against Racism
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams players and organization have been very vocal on social media in recent days, using their platforms to inspire change after George Floyd was killed by a police officer in Minnesota.

Whether it be the organization committing to help the local community in this time of need, or players like Jared Goff, Jalen Ramsey and others shedding light on the issues, the Rams and many other teams and athletes have been as vocal as ever.

That continued with rookie offensive lineman Tremayne Anchrum, who was interviewed by ESPN’s Chris Fowler and shared tons of good information and thoughts on the subject.

Rams head coach Sean McVay recently shared that he and his team had a meeting on the matter to which he said he even learned a lot from. Anchrum expressed gratitude to McVay for allowing his players to let their voices be heard:

“Today, our teammates, we had our segment meetings and our team meeting, and in the team meeting, Coach McVay actually started it off with letting everybody kind of voice how they were feeling, really share their opinions, experiences and just kind of open up the floor for that dialogue that’s so important for every American, every person to really have. And to be on that team who shared, this is an agreement that we take extreme ownership of really communicating and understanding our fellow Americans and what they go through and how life is different for somebody that may look different and what we need to do going forward. So all of those conversations were constructive, we have resources that we talked about that we could use, I may not know what’s the correct next step, but we do know that it’s gonna take all of us.”

Anchrum added that regardless of political or religious views, this is an issue of right and wrong:

“We’re getting to ideologies. The ideology is, do you respect the fact that someone with my skin color is a human being? No matter if you agree with me, we may have the same political views, religion, you may not like the way I hold my fork or whatever. But it’s that, do you respect me as a human being? And do you think what’s happening to Walter Scott, Eric Harris – all these guys. Is that right? Do you think that is right? Or do you think that is wrong?”

It is good to see that even someone who is just 21 years of age and hasn’t played a down in the NFL yet can speak up about something he is passionate about. Here is Anchrum’s entire conversation with Fowler: