Rams Video: Jalen Ramsey Calls Out Lakers Star LeBron James For His White Lies
Jalen Ramsey, Rams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James’ show ‘The Shop’ has become one of the biggest sounding boards for athletes and celebrities across the country. It is completely unfiltered and often leads to very interesting and controversial topics and takes. All of that is perfectly in the wheelhouse of Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

Ever since he stepped foot in the NFL, Ramsey has had no problem saying what he feels about any and everything both on and off the field. Thankfully for Ramsey, his play has usually backed up his talking as he has become arguably the premier player at his position in the league.

To that point, the Rams star had no issues calling out the Lakers megastar on the latest edition of the famed show. As LeBron jokingly made a comment about Rams coach Sean McVay taking inspiration from his Madden playbook on how to use Ramsey, the corner responded by making sure LeBron has seen the recent memes at his expense about him lying about certain things, via NFL on Prime:

What Ramsey is referring to is James recently paying homage to Atlanta rapper Takeoff, a member of the extremely popular rap group Migos, following his tragic shooting death. LeBron mentioned that he had been listening to the Migos since 2010, but many people on social media pointed out that the group did not release a mixtape until 2011 leading to the memes.

James made it clear that he is aware of the memes, and in pure LeBron fashion, would later play into it even more by claiming he talked to Packers safety Leroy Butler the night before he invented the Lambeau Leap, via NFL on Prime:

LeBron has never had any issues poking fun at himself, but seeing Ramsey being quick to point out that many accuse James of being a liar is extremely on-brand for the Rams cornerback, just further showing that he is himself at all times.

Jalen Ramsey calls out Rams offense after Bucs loss

One perfect example of Jalen Ramsey having no problem calling out anyone or anything came after the Rams recent loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Ramsey called out the offense for not putting the game away after the defense came up with a huge stop with under four minutes remaining and Tampa having no timeouts. The Rams offense went three-and-out however and the Bucs would go down and get the game-winning touchdown on the ensuing drive to get the win.

Ramsey said the defense should have never had to go back on the field after making that previous stop, adding that the offense needs ‘dogs’ to put that game away while adding that this wasn’t the first time it had happened this season.