Rams Video: Los Angeles Has Second-Best Helmets

Now that the Rams have officially relocated back to Los Angeles, the process of getting rooted back to their west coast ways has officially begun.

Of the few changes made when the team skipped town in 1994, one thing that has stayed the same since the early days of the franchise are the signature horns on the helmet. According to Ike Taylor of NFL Network, the Rams have the second-best helmet in the NFL:

Believe it or not, the Rams were the first NFL team to feature a helmet design after their second season in Los Angeles. It was halfback Fred Gehrke, who studied art at the University of Utah, that ultimately persuaded owner Dan Reeves to let him paint horns on each player’s headgear by hand:

Little did Gehrke know, he would start something in football that the University of Oregon would eventually come to love. After leaving Los Angeles for St. Louis, the Rams have added a bit more shimmer to the uniforms. While it is not necessarily a bad look, the Rams have expressed interest in reverting back to their throwbacks for more than just two games out of the season.

Although the Rams have undergone quite a few color schemes since then, one thing that is sure to never change, are those signature Rams horns.