Rams Video: Cal Lutheran Practice Facility Gets Locker Room Upgrade
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are still waiting to open up their new home of SoFi Stadium and although there have been some bumps along the way, the stadium is nearly complete.

Of course, with the looming threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, who knows when the Rams will actually get to make use of their new facilities. Hopefully the season will start on time, but the Rams and other NFL teams have yet to have and meetings in person.

For the time being, the Rams will have to make due with what they have. However, what they do have just got significantly better. The Rams took to social media, showcasing their new locker room upgrade at their Cal Lutheran practice facility:

The upgrades seem to provide some stylish and spacious lockers for the team. The upgrade should be particularly appreciated this year as the Rams recently announced their training camp will be relocated from UC Irvine to Cal Lutheran to limit contamination.

Of course, the Cal Lutheran facility was supposed to be a temporary location when the Rams first made the move back to Los Angeles. Although SoFi Stadium is supposed to include some quality training facilities, it seems that Cal Lutheran will remain the main practice facility for the foreseeable future with the new upgrades.

Although so much remains up in the air, the Rams have targeted late July for the start of training camp. With Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans players testing positive for COVID-19, the NFL may adjust its policy for team meetings moving forward.

Between the Rams’ new practice facility locker rooms and SoFi Stadium, there is a lot of excitement surrounding their 2020 season. Hopefully fans and players alike will get to enjoy the new facilities and upgrades sooner rather than later.