Rams Training Camp Moving From UC Irvine To Loyola Marymount In 2024
Sean McVay, Rams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This will be an extremely important season for the Los Angeles Rams as head coach Sean McVay is looking to build off of last year’s success and return the franchise to the postseason with an even better run.

Doing so won’t be easy, especially with the retirement of Aaron Donald, but the front office has made some promising moves this offseason and the Rams have the pieces in place to potentially be an NFC contender.

That journey really kicks off once training camp begins and the Rams will be making a change this offseason as McVay revealed that camp will be moving away from UC Irvine and will instead take place at Loyola Marymount.

“And then also training camp at Loyola Marymount this year,” Mcvay announced. “So excited about that, aren’t you? (laughs) But it’s been a great last couple years being at UC Irvine, they’ve done a great job. Really what it had to do with is there’s some specific parameters in terms of the allotment of time and then just the transitional deals.

“It was going to be a little bit easier at Loyola to accommodate some of the meetings and walking through and practice within the confines of the CBA. Couldn’t say enough good things about UC Irvine and then looking forward to being at Loyola Marymount. We’ll continue to figure out the exact dates and things like that but other than that, I’ll take your guy’s questions.”

As McVay noted, it seems to be just a matter of logistics and Loyola Marymount being able to offer some things that UC Irvine couldn’t. There are so many things that go into training camp and ideally McVay and the Rams would like to just focus on what’s going on on the field itself.

Sometimes change is necessary and while this may not seem like much of a deal in the grand scheme of things, everything matters as the Rams look to return to Super Bowl contention.

Rams Kyren Williams dealing with foot issue, but will be ready for training camp

When training camp does kick off at Loyola Marymount, Rams running back Kyren Williams will be good and ready to go. Sean McVay recently revealed that Williams is dealing with a foot issue and won’t be taking part in OTAs, but will be on the field once camp begins.

“Here’s what I would say. I’ll keep it brief, but he’s not going to participate in the offseason program,” McVay added. “It’s nothing to worry about. He’ll be ready to go for training camp, but there’s a little issue when he was training and I’ll kind of just leave it at that. But nothing to be concerned about