Rams Sign Sean McVay And Les Snead To Contract Extensions Through 2026
Les Snead, Sean McVay, Rams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams announced they signed head coach Sean McVay and general manager Les Snead to contract extensions that go through 2026. While the terms of the deals were not released, both McVay and Snead are expected to be among the highest-paid for their position around the league.

This was a no-brainer for Stan Kroenke and the Rams as Snead and McVay have worked incredibly well together as a team, reaching two Super Bowls in their four years together and winning it all last year.

Despite some rumors about McVay potentially retiring and joining the media after the Super Bowl win, he has made it clear all offseason that he’s not done coaching and this extension reflects that. The Rams’ Super Bowl window will remain open for at least a few more years, so hopefully McVay and Snead can guide the organization to some more championships.

As far as why they work so well together as a team, Snead believes it’s actually because of how different they are as people, via TheRams.com:

“I think also there’s an element of both of us, we’re probably different enough, he’s extroverted and I’m introverted,” Snead said. “So I can rely on him to be the life of the party and I can be me. Even though we’re both highly confident, probably both very stubborn, we’re also both humble. And with that, it really bleeds into, I don’t want to do his job, and he doesn’t necessarily want to do my job, but we both know both jobs need to get done. So it’s a perfect little partnership.”

McVay also added that their ability to work as a team and trust each other is also a key to the Rams’ success:

“Let’s collaborate and connect to make the right decision, and then when we a make decision, decision’s made and it’s final and we don’t look back,” McVay said. “The one thing is, whether I make a decision and it doesn’t work out, or he makes one and it doesn’t work out, we’re not keeping score of that sh–. I think that there’s just that trust, and there really hasn’t been any sort of issues that have led to anything other than smooth interactions as it relates to the natural dialogue that exists between a head coach and a GM.”

With both extensions getting done before the Rams take the field for their season opener against the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night, the focus can now shift towards winning that game and having another successful season.

The Rams were also able to restructure Tyler Higbee’s contract and extend Rob Havenstein before their season opener.