Rams Rumors: Receivers Skipped Workouts With Jared Goff

The Los Angeles Rams had a laundry list of personnel issues that plagued them during the 2016 NFL season, most notably on the offensive side of the ball. A combination of a struggling offensive line and shaky wide receiver play resulted in a nightmare rookie campaign for quarterback Jared Goff.

Even more troubling, recent reports have surfaced the team’s issues did not end with just the lack of talent. According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, the wideouts did not respect Goff enough to show up to an off-day workout per his request:

“Former members of the Los Angeles Rams coaching staff said that not only was the team’s lack of talent at wide receiver a problem throughout the 2016 season, but that those receivers had little regard for rookie quarterback Jared Goff,” Cole said. “After Goff took over as the starter, he and those receivers spent time going over video of blitz break-offs and other changes. When Goff asked those receivers to work on an off day, none of the receivers showed up.”

This report is especially concerning considering the lengths the team went to acquire Goff with the first overall pick in last year’s draft, only to be shunned by the teammates that are of paramount importance to him –not even the likes of veteran Kenny Britt and the $42 million man, Tavon Austin.

Los Angeles underwent a complete overhaul with the new coaching staff that is much better equipped to help with Goff’s development. Should the rumors of this mutiny prove to be true, it should not be surprising if the same happens with this receiving group.