Rams Rumors: Browns, Buccaneers, Ravens & Raiders Among Teams Checking In On Cam Akers Trade
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have begun the 2023 season with a very similar issue to one they had at the start of 2022, and that is running back Cam Akers. Despite entering training camp as the potential starter in both seasons, he has quickly fallen out of favor and out of the depth chart in L.A.

Akers was featured in the team’s Week 1 win against the Seattle Seahawks but lost most of the goal line opportunities to Kyren Williams. In Week 2’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Akers was inactive and Williams was firmly the featured back.

Now, trade rumors are once again swirling around the troubled Rams tailback, with several teams — including the Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Las Vegas Raiders and Baltimore Ravens — registering interest in Akers, according to NFL insider Jordan Schultz:

There is no denying that Akers is a talented back capable of posting strong performances. His three consecutive 100-yard games at the end of the 2022 season is evidence of that. However, the Rams situation has been very clearly an incorrect one for Akers.

There was a time last season where the Rams effectively benched Akers until they could find a trade for him, with the belief being that they would release him if they couldn’t. Instead, they opted to bring him back into the mix after the deadline in the hopes the relationship could be mended.

Even though it appeared to be going in that direction, things have soured once again. And now, for the second straight year, the Rams may hold Akers out until they can find a trade or decide to release him.

It would be difficult to bring him back into the mix a second time, making it seem as though this time may be permanent.

McVay hints at Akers decision after 49ers loss

Rams head coach was asked about Akers’ role after his Week 2 benching, and McVay was honest about where things stand with the fourth-year back.

“Coaches decision,” McVay said after the contest. “(I) felt like that was best for our football team. I felt like Kyren gave us the best opportunity and what Ronnie and Royce have done… So that was a decision that I made.

“I have tremendous respect for Cam Akers, but I felt like for our football team today and in this game and as we move forward, that was going to be the best decision for us.”