Rams Partner With Los Angeles Regional Food Bank For Staff Day Of Service

In their transition back to California, the Los Angeles Rams now have the opportunity to impact greater philanthropic causes. With a monthly tradition implemented, the Rams have a staff day of service, impacting a certain cause.

The Rams decided to partner up with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank for the month of November, with a designation towards senior citizens. In their relocation to Los Angeles, the Rams have already started on the right foot with their philanthropic outreach.

The front office’s partnership will feature the assembly of food kits, which consist of canned goods, whole-wheat pasta and non-perishable liquid products. The goal is to provide a month’s worth of food to senior citizens in the Los Angeles county who are on a fixed income and have problems with the cost of living.

During a two-hour event, 607 kits were made to be handed out during their event, scheduled for Nov. 2.

Jeff McIlvain, the volunteer coordinator for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, described the partnership and the significance it has, via TheRams.com:

“It’s been a wonderful occasion to partner with the Rams on various events and we really appreciate [them] coming out to fight hunger in the community. Today, the Rams helped to feed 607 seniors through our commodity supplemental food program that provides kits of food for seniors throughout the region.”

The program is influenced by the senior citizen’s social security and they are eligible if they fall below a certain designated income.

This program was implemented in 2009, with the entire staff participating in over 12,000 hours of community service.

Earlier this season, the Rams held their annual Taste of the NFL event for the first time in Los Angeles, raising approximately $200,000 for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. That amount of money will translate to nearly 800,000 people fed in the Los Angeles area.