Rams, Other L.A. Sports Teams Come Together To Form ‘The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles’ To Fight For Social Justice
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams and 10 other L.A. sports teams have come together to form The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles, which is a comprehensive five-year commitment to drive investment and impact for social justice through sport in order to pursue change in communities of color and develop meaningful programs.

The other teams involved include the Anaheim Ducks, L.A. Angels, L.A. Chargers, L.A. Clippers, L.A. Dodgers, Los Angeles Football Club, L.A. Galaxy, L.A. Kings, L.A. Lakers, and L.A. Sparks.

“The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles has been forged specifically to create positive change in underserved communities, with an emphasis on Black communities,” said a spokesperson for The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles. “All 11 teams are united in their dedication to this effort and recognize driving change is a long-term commitment. Through sports and social programming, we aim to work in communities to affect structural changes on levels that have a lasting impact.”

With everything that has been going on in the country after the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers, the 11 teams will advocate for social justice, address disparities and take actions to help end racial inequality.

Some organizations that the teams will be working with include the Play Equity Fund’s social justice movement in communities across greater Los Angeles and Accelerate Change Together (ACT) Anaheim.

“The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles is an unprecedented collaboration by sports organizations recognizing the impact they can have by working together, and they should be commended for seeking to make significant changes in communities of color,” said Renata Simril, President of the Play Equity Fund. “The Los Angeles region is one of the world’s most competitive markets, and sports is one of the world’s most competitive industries. But these organizations are putting their competitive instincts aside to work collaboratively for social justice.”

The Rams have been leaders in the L.A. community since they moved back to the West Coast a few years back, and this is just another example of them taking charge. The organization pledged to help fight racial injustice over the last month, so it is not surprising to see them following up those words with actions.

According to the press release, The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles and the Play Equity Fund will hold a Sports for Social Justice Symposium on July 22, to coincide with National Youth Sports Week, which is July 20-24. This webinar will include leaders from the sports organizations, as well as social justice leaders and sports commentators.