Rams Odds: Los Angeles Cornerback Conundrum
Troy Hill
Norm Hall-Getty Images

When the Los Angeles Rams traded quarterback Jared Goff to the Detroit Lions for Matthew Stafford one thing was settled – there would be no quarterback controversy heading into the season.

With that issue settled, eyes have turned to the upcoming NFL Draft. The Rams have a handful of holes to fill, including inside linebacker and offensive line, but a shutdown cornerback would go a long way to improving the teams’ defense.  Coincidentally, this draft is cornerback rich. So rich that even independent betting markets have formed around it.

Wagering on the NFL Draft has always been available, but was usually limited to the top few picks. However, the recent rise of betting sites and credit card casinos has had bookmakers working overtime to provide more wagering options, including player and team props covering the draft. This year, the cornerback position holds particular interest.

Asante Samuel Jr.

Topping the list for some and being hailed as perhaps one of the best cornerback picks in the second round, many are choosing the Florida State player for his ability to be quick and to move into spaces. Pundits expect he’d be able to slot seamlessly into the team if picked up too and could certainly be a great choice to head up a second-round pick.

Aaron Robinson

Another potential for a second-round pick, and very much for similar reasons as Samuel Jr. – Robinson has been considered to be quite small at just 5’11’’ and 186 pounds with many suggesting he might get a little bullied by the bigger players, but as another extremely fast player, he’s able to fill the space when needed which is crucial for slot defenders. Could it be enough to see him picked up? Time will tell.

Thomas Graham Jr.

A potential third-rounder out of Oregon, and a player already familiar to the Rams following a meeting in the offseason. Whilst not the fastest player with a 4.48 straight line, he has shown that he can hold onto the ball and isn’t afraid to get into it making him more well-rounded than some of the other picks making pundits lists. However, with a similar frame to the two previous entries to the list, is another smaller player being suggested to fill the slot.

With many of the entries to the potential drafts for the Rams cornerbacks, there is a common theme – small, but very fast players who can cover space when needed. At least for those most prominently suggested in either the second or third round of picks – of course, as just pundit picks they may be way off and decisions may be very different come draft day particularly if the Rams are eyeing someone a little bigger to fill the slot, but it’s always a fun brain teaser to figure out where the potential picks might be, and the reasons why these picks may happen.