Rams News: Vikings’ Justin Jefferson Calls Jalen Ramsey A ‘Top-Tier Cornerback’
(Photo by Nick Wosika/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Although the Los Angeles Rams are often lauded for their offensive scheme, it’s their defense that has often come through and led them to victories.

Aaron Donald remains at the forefront of what the Rams want to do defensively, but he has perhaps the best running mate in the secondary he could ask for in Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey had one of the best seasons of his career during the 2021 campaign, recording four interceptions, a forced fumble, fumble recovery and 16 passes defensed.

Ramsey is widely considered to be one of –if not the– best cornerbacks in the league as he is known for being able to shut down opposing receivers by himself. He’s earned the respect of his peers, including Minnesota Vikings star receiver Justin Jefferson, who broke down why Ramsey is one of the best at his position, via Ringer NFL:

“Jalen Ramsey of course is a top-tier cornerback. His ability to be long and to be fast and to be aggressive, that’s definitely the three things that makes it difficult to get by him. He knows when some things are coming, or when some in-breaking or out-breaking routes are coming.”

Jefferson saw Ramsey for the first time in his career this past year and did well, recording eight receptions for 116 yards, though the Rams ended up winning the game. The two had their fair share of battles throughout the matchup, with each of them making plays over the other.

However, it goes to show the kind of reputation Ramsey has around the league as he has always relished the challenge of going against the best pass catchers in the NFL. Los Angeles’ defense is able to succeed because of all the ways Ramsey can be deployed along the formation, but any time they run into a top-tier receiver they know they have their star defensive back waiting in the wings.