Rams News: Todd Gurley Names Favorite Running Backs In NFL

It goes without saying that Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley is one of the most electrifying players at his position. However, even he still finds himself in awe of what some of his peers are able to accomplish.

Although Gurley is among the league’s best, there are still a number of other running backs worthy of elite status. He recently named some of his favorite workhorses to watch, via the RamsWire:

“There’s so many, man. One of my favorites is Devonta Freeman. He’s a great running back. Obviously Le’Veon [Bell], he’s been one of the best since coming into the league,” Gurley said. “There’s a lot of new guys – you got ‘AK’ [Alvin Kamara]. I like the OGs, though. The Shadys [LeSean McCoy], the Mark Ingrams. Obviously, AP [Adrian Peterson] and stuff like that. But I like everybody, I’m a fan of everybody’s game. I like what those guys do.”

There is no debating that the names he mentioned are some of the most elite players at the running back position. However, it is clear that there is an underlying theme in Gurley’s list.

One can assume that Gurley has an affinity for running backs with versatile skill sets much like himself. Players who are not only able to handle the bulk of the carries but can also make an impact in the passing game as well. All of the aforementioned names are considered the gold standard for three-down backs.

That said, it should hardly come as no surprise. Given the pass-heavy nature of today’s NFL, there is speculation that running backs have become somewhat expendable. However, playmakers like Gurley and other running backs such as Devonta Freeman and Le’Veon Bell have expelled that notion. The reigning Offensive Player of the Year will be looking to defend his post against these playmakers in the 2018 NFL season.