Rams News: Todd Gurley Looks To Air As Ground Game Struggles

To the surprise of many football fans, the Los Angeles Rams are 3-1 despite their season opening loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Perhaps what is even more impressive, the Rams are atop their division despite lackluster play from an offense that scored their first official touchdown in Week 3.

However, it goes without saying that Los Angeles will need to get consistent performances out of the offense if they want to continue to prove the naysayers wrong. The focal point being Pro Bowl running back, Todd Gurley.

Although it is clear that last year’s Offensive Rookie of the Year is understandably frustrated with the lack of production out of the running game, his frustration is overpowered by the Rams winning ways according to Lindsey Thiry of Los Angeles Times:

“As long as I keep winning, I can care less,” Gurley said following the Rams 17-13 win over the Cardinals. “It don’t even matter to me.”

Gurley has tallied just 216 yards on 82 carries this season which puts him in the lowest of the league among qualified running backs. However, his early season struggles are not a result of him being an ineffective runner, but the Rams simply being unable to get a push on the offensive line.

According to Pro Football Focus, the Rams have the second-worst offensive line in the league through Week 5. This hardly comes as a surprise given that 193 of Gurley’s rushing yards have come after contact.

However, what is most hindering him is the lack of an effective passing game. More often than not, Gurley is facing defenses that usually stack the box when he is in the game. This means the Rams may have to find ways to get their workhorse into open space with plays like this:

As long as the Rams continue to flounder in in their passing attack, teams will continue to make stopping Gurley their first priority.