Rams News: Todd Gurley Explains Why He’s Not In Favor Of New CBA Proposal
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Before the offseason can kick off in full swing, the NFL and its players will still need to come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement.

It is safe to say that negotiations have been anything but smooth. Recent reports indicate that there is still little headway being made on both sides.

Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald and running back Todd Gurley are two of the more notable players to vote no on the latest proposal. After all, both players are all too familiar with the process after negotiating lucrative, long-term contracts of their own.

Gurley recently provided his two cents on his stance regarding the new CBA during an interview with Rich Hammond of the Athletic:

“Anything you do in business, as far as negotiation-wise — obviously the deal is a little better than it was the previous year, but that’s part of negotiation. Everyone knows, who has ever been in a negotiation, that you almost have to not get anything done, to get something done. There’s got to be some pushing and you’ve got to be firm and thorough. I just feel like it only comes around every 10 years, so it’s like don’t settle. Just don’t settle. Then I don’t want them to feel, 10 years later, that they can add an 18th game. Then those guys, the younger guys, would look back like, “Well, Todd and those guys did it, and those are smart guys. (Richard) Sherman, those are smart guys …” It’s not even about us.

It’s different for each player, each situation. Obviously, it’s easy for me to sit here and say no because I got my second contract, but I’m not even really looking at it as that. I’m looking at it as the bigger whole. I negotiate and do deals all the time. Even coming to events like this. They’re like, “We’re going to pay you this,” and it’s like, “Nah, we need this and we don’t need that.” So, I’m a person that I know what I want and I try to go get it, but I’ll also try to work with you as well. It’s just been going on for too long. We need to get something done. We can come together. We just need everyone to know that and believe that. Everyone is going to have their own personal opinion, which is fine. I just feel like we’ve got to stick together and let the PA (Players Association) do their job.

Gurley also addressed whether or not the 17th game serves as a tipping point for him and the other players:

There’s just no point. The guys — half of the league can’t even play 16 games. What, you think guys can play 17 games? Then you take out two bye-week (playoff) teams and just have one bye-week team and add an extra playoff game. There’s a lot of pros and a lot of cons. There’s just nothing on that list (of pros) to where I would be like we really, really need that. Like, we need more. We need to push for more, and the only way to do it is to just try to stand firm and get something done.

The league has been forced to make accommodations due to the ongoing discussions by moving the CBA voting deadline to March 14. Meanwhile, the deadline for the franchise tag and transition tag has also been delayed to March 12 to give teams two extra days to work out the logistics.

Players like Gurley and Donald are considered to be household names making top-tier money, which only represents a small percentage of the player base. However, reports indicate that the NFLPA is putting an emphasis on helping those considered to be making a “middle-class” salary.

Regardless, Gurley’s comments are indicative of where the players may be looking to draw the line unless more incentive is provided. Of course, it remains to be seen if it will ultimately have an effect on the 2020 NFL season.