Rams News: Sean McVay To Serve As Guest Analyst On ESPN During Super Bowl Pregame Show
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Before the Los Angeles Rams can get started on the busy offseason ahead of them, they are among those anxiously awaiting the result of Super Bowl LIV.

It was only a year ago that head coach Sean McVay was preparing his team to play on the big stage. They will now be watching their NFC West rivals, the San Francisco 49ers, try to get the job done this time against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Meanwhile, the Rams’ offseason has long already been in full swing after missing the playoffs. Although McVay may not be getting a game plan ready this time, it appears he is still preparing for a different challenge.

ESPN announced that McVay will join NFL Countdown as a special guest analyst on their pregame show on Super Bowl Sunday. McVay expressed his excitement for the opportunity:

“I’m very honored and excited to serve as a guest analyst with ESPN for their pregame coverage of the Super Bowl,” said McVay. “I look forward to helping provide an in-depth look at both teams and highlight the specific matchups and schemes from a coaching perspective that have been instrumental in both the Chiefs and 49ers earning a chance to play for a world title.”

ESPN Vice President Seth Markman touched up on McVay’s qualifications to come on and provide some insight:

“Sean knows exactly what it’s like coaching in the Super Bowl having done it just a year ago, and he is very familiar with the division rival 49ers as well as the Chiefs. We are excited that one of the brightest minds in football will join Countdown‘s biggest show of the year on Super Bowl Sunday.”

While it is not much of a consolation for Rams fans, they can take solace in the fact that one of their own will be a part of their festivities on television. Given McVay’s track record for providing notable sound bites, it is safe to say that all those who watch are in for a treat.

McVay has made headlines with his impressive ability to recall essentially every play that he has ever been a part of in his football career. His familiarity with being in the Super Bowl and squaring off with each of these teams certainly makes him an ideal candidate to keep the conversation going during ESPN’s day-long coverage of the game.

The matchup between the Chiefs’ high-powered offense and the 49ers’ formidable defense is undoubtedly an intriguing one. Aside from rooting for a 49ers loss, Rams fans will be looking forward to the prospect of McVay having no shortage of material to work with on-air.