Rams News: Sean McVay Says Matthew Stafford’s Elbow Feels ‘Okay’ After Week 1
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Los Angeles Rams lost to the Buffalo Bills in Week 1, the good news is that Matthew Stafford looked healthy for the most part.

Outside of some ill-advised throws resulting in interceptions, Stafford looked comfortable on passing down situations. After an entire offseason worrying over his elbow, Stafford was able to put some of that talk to rest.

Head coach Sean McVay noted he spoke to Stafford and reiterated that his throwing elbow was fine after the Bills game.

“Yeah, I spoke to him. It felt okay. There was a lot of things that didn’t go our way yesterday for a lot of different reasons, like I mentioned to you guys after the game. But he came out of that thing feeling good. He took obviously some shots, but the elbow felt okay.”

As far as his form, McVay said nothing unusual stuck out and that Buffalo’s pass rush was the main culprit for some of his errors.

“It looked good. I mean, there was a couple things that…whether it was the rush kind of got in his face where he wasn’t able to see certain things. Matthew’s got such high standards, as we do for him and as he does of himself, that there was some plays that I’m sure he’ll went back. But I think that’s how it’ll be for any quarterback when you’re at the level that he is or (Buffalo Bills QB) Josh Allen.

“So there’s things that I expect us to be able to play better collectively, starting with me and then overall execution wise. But I thought as far as just the overall motion, I didn’t necessarily think that was affected. I thought maybe just some of the spots where he is getting moved or getting hit, not being able to finish his motion as a result of just some of the pressure, or different things that are pushing him off his spot, might have affected some of the overall accuracy snap in and snap out. But as far as just the mechanics from an elbow perspective, I didn’t sense that was any sort of issue.”

Health is a concern right now for the Rams as they deal with several injuries to guys, but if Stafford’s able to go then they have a shot to get back on the right track in Week 2.