Rams News: Sean McVay Not Phased By Taking Helmet Shot To Jaw During Chiefs Game
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The story of the season for the Los Angeles Rams has been injuries. Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, Matthew Stafford, Allen Robinson and countless offensive linemen have all found themselves dealing with injuries, and head coach Sean McVay nearly joined them on Sunday during the Rams’ game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Early on in the game, rookie tight end Roger Carter Jr. was running on the field and did not see McVay walking by as he was putting on his helmet. Unfortunately, this led to Carter running into the head coach, with his shoulder connecting clean on the Rams’ head coach’s jaw, via NFL on FOX Twitter:

For his part, McVay brushed off the hit and made it clear that he is just fine. “It’s good,” the Rams head coach said after the game. “I took a good shot. Roger ran right into me. It was a good shot but I’m OK.”

McVay would continue on, even joking that he questioned the awareness of Carter before adding that he believes he escaped any real injury.

“I was thinking, ‘Have a little awareness running by me.’ I mean, oh my gosh,” McVay said. “But it’s one of those deals, it’s really not that big a deal. Probably looked worse when you end up replaying it. But it was a good shot at first. I was just glad I didn’t – I don’t think I broke my jaw, so I’ll be fine.”

If the injuries begin transferring into the coaching staff then this really might just be a cursed season for the Rams. Thankfully McVay is fine as a broken jaw would make it very difficult for him to communicate with his assistants and call plays. But with that not a concern, McVay can continue his work in trying to turn this Rams season around.