Rams News: Sean McVay Explains Surprising Cut Of Logan Bruss
Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams selected offensive lineman Logan Bruss with their first pick in 2022 — a third-round pick — and although he did not see the field in 2022, there was a belief that he could impact the team in 2023 with a renewed offensive line.

But Sean McVay and the Rams made the surprising decision to cut Bruss from the 53-man roster on the final day to do so. It’s rare for a rookie to be cut before every taking the field for the team, but especially so if it was the team’s first pick in that draft.

McVay was asked to explain the decision and what went into finalizing the offensive line group for 2023 and why Bruss perhaps did not make the cut, according to Cameron DaSilva of USA Today:

“Really, we just had an open mind with competition at every single spot and we felt like the 10 guys that we kept did a good job of earning those spots,” McVay said. “Obviously, with Kevin Dotson being a late add he has a body of work and a resume and Logan is somebody that we still want to be able to continue to work with. Hopefully we’ll be able to get him back on the practice squad, but it was really just as simple as keeping an open mind and some of those other guys we felt like earned their spots.”

The Rams are focusing largely on development of younger players this year, meaning keeping a player like Bruss would make sense. However, if they feel they have a group that has a greater chance to show improvement this season, then perhaps they’re willing to risk losing Bruss to keep what they have.

There was a chance Bruss was picked up by another team for one of their 53-man roster spots although he ultimately went unclaimed and signed with the Rams’ practice squad. That will afford him the opportunity to continue improving while McVay and the Rams keep a close eye on him.

Noteboom missed time for maintenance issue

Rams offensive lineman Joseph Noteboom had missed nearly two weeks with an undisclosed injury. But when he returned, he revealed that it was nothing more than a small maintenance issue that the team wanted to be extra cautious about. He is back and ready to make an impact for the Rams offensive line in 2023 and is hopeful to do that by playing whatever position the team needs him to be.