Rams News: Sean McVay Can’t Help But Pay Attention To Postseason Picture
Sean McVay, Rams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have been one of the surprise teams in the NFL as not many people expected them to be in position to make the playoffs at this point.

Despite starting 3-6, the Rams have won five of their last six to put them in position to compete for a Super Bowl in the playoffs if they finish the regular season strong.

There are a lot of scenarios that can play out over the next couple weeks though considering how bunched up the bottom of the NFC postseason picture is. With that being the case, Sean McVay can’t help but pay attention to the postseason picture.

“I pay a lot of attention to it,” McVay admitted. “I tell myself not to get emotionally invested in these games and then you get invested and then you’re saying, ‘Why the hell did I do that?’ So here’s what I’ll tell you though, what I do know is true is that we’ve got to continue to focus on what we can control and that’s the Giants. I’m very aware of all the things that are going on, but I do think it’s important to not let that take away from the task at hand because you can get caught up with other stuff and playing the ‘what if’ game. What I think the best thing this team has done is they have focused on what they can control to put themselves in a position to even have the conversations that we’re having right now about playing meaningful ball in December and up into January. And so that’s been our goal.

“But I watch all the games. I love football so I know exactly what’s going on and really, I think that’s a way that you learn and you feel like, hey, there’s good opportunities to be able to add. I’m very aware but I also do know that none of that stuff really matters and that is a hundred percent truth if we don’t do a great job getting ourselves prepared to go play a tough game at New York.”

The Rams have a golden opportunity in front of them against the 5-10 New York Giants in Week 17, a game they must win considering they close out the regular season against the San Francisco 49ers.

There’s no doubt that McVay knows what’s at stake this weekend and will have his team ready to go.

How Rams can clinch playoff berth in Week 17

The Rams could potentially clinch a postseason berth in Week 17, although they will need some help. In addition to beating the Giants, the Rams need the Pittsburgh Steelers to beat the Seattle Seahawks or the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings to tie, which is obviously a far less likely scenario.