Rams News: Robert Rochell Embracing Starting Role
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It has been an eventful start to the 2021 NFL season for Los Angeles Rams rookie cornerback Robert Rochell.

The team’s fourth-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft was viewed as an overlooked talent coming out of Central Arkansas. However, it has not taken long for the Rams to get him in the mix after making his first career start against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 5.

There was some good and bad for Rochell during the win over the Seahawks. While the rookie is still finding his footing at the next level, he is embracing the expectations that come with the role.

Even if the opportunity came sooner than expected, Rochell is not focused on his status as a first-year player, via Stu Jackson of the team’s official website:

“Rookie is just a title,” Rochell said during a video conference Monday. “And that’s just how I look at a lot of things, a lot of stuff. Titles are tricky, and sometimes stuff happens, so you just got to be ready.”

Rochell added that it is important to learn from his mistakes and move on rather than sulk in them:

“Just short term memory, really have a short term memory,” Rochell said. “As a DB, you’re no better than your last play. So the last play, I had to delete it and I had to get ready for the next one because my next one could be the best play, you know? It only takes one. This is the game of football, there’s gonna be ups and downs and with that realization and accepting that, it’s easier for you to move forward. Like I said, I play with a big heart. I love this game. Whatever they need me to do, I do it with no with a lot of pride. And I just really love the game.”

It was a roller-coaster Week 5 for Rochell as he gave up multiple big plays that resulted in points for the Seahawks. Fortunately, they were also alleviated by the points he prevented thanks to a key pass deflection against wide receiver Tyler Lockett in the end zone.

There will surely be some more growing pains for Rochell over the next three games now that cornerback Darious Williams has been placed on injured reserve due to an ankle injury. Regardless of how he is utilized, this will be a crucial period in his development at the next level and should pay some major dividends once Williams comes back.