Rams News: Offensive Lineman Brian Allen Tests Positive For Coronavirus
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Essentially the whole world is currently in a state of limbo due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has forced people to be quarantined to their homes.

One of the only businesses that has essentially been unaffected is the NFL as the 2020 season does not begin until September. While things are obviously different as players and staff members haven’t been able to do their normal offseason activities, free agency went on as usual, as will the NFL Draft this upcoming week.

The most important thing is for everyone to stay healthy during this time though, and Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay recently reported that all of his players are doing well.

It appears he was covering up and keeping the privacy for one of his players though, as Jay Glazer of Fox reported on Wednesday night that Rams center Brian Allen has tested positive for coronavirus:

Breaking: First active NFL player to test positive for the corona virus, Rams C Brian Allen, told me he tested positive for COVID-19 three weeks ago and then again early last week.
Lost all smell and taste to where he couldn’t even smell an ammonia smelling-salt. Has no taste. Then the flu began. Says he’s now finally symptom-free and thankfully expecting the “all clear” this week!
Rams had to close their facility weeks ago to injured players (facilities are only open for medical) but are able to re-open next week

The Rams confirmed that Allen has tested positive, and also confirmed that he is feeling better physically and on the road to recovery.

It is good to see that the Rams handled the situation with all of the proper precautions, and hopefully no other players or staff members contracted the virus in the process.

Allen missed the final seven games of last season due to a knee injury, so this is a setback in his recovery although obviously his long-term health comes first due to the virus. Thankfully he seems to be doing well though, and hopefully he is back to full strength as soon as possible.