Rams News: Nsimba Webster Gives Advice To Undrafted Rookies
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams welcomed some new faces to the organization over the past couple of months, not only signing some free agents and drafting players, but also signing 20 undrafted free agents.

The Rams have had success developing undrafted free agents in the past, most notably Cory Littleton, who was named to the Pro Bowl in 2018 and had another outstanding season in 2019 before signing a lucrative contract with the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason.

Nsimba Webster is another undrafted free agent who carved out a role for himself with the Rams in 2019. The wide receiver played an essential role on special teams for L.A., which he said helps make him a complete football player, via Sarina Morales of TheRams.com:

“Special Teams taught me how to be a complete football player by doing all aspects of the game. Blocking, tackling, and making plays with the football in your hands. Very important aspect of the sport.”

Webster also gave advice to the Rams’ 2020 undrafted rookie class as they get set for their first NFL season:

“Go out there ready to earn it. Earn it on the field, earn it in the meeting room, earn it on your days off by doing the extra studying. Nothing will be given, so you have to prove to the league that you deserve to stay.”

With wide receivers like Brandin Cooks and Michael Thomas no longer in the organization, Webster may have an opportunity to see some more time on offense in 2020. He is just focused on trying to improve from last year though:

“Build upon my rookie season by taking my game even higher than before. Being impactful in as many ways as possible.”

Having team-first players like Webster is essential for a team that is trying to get back to the postseason in 2020. Hopefully, the Rams can mold some of their 2020 undrafted free agents into a similar mindset, finding more diamonds in the rough as they have in previous years.