Rams News: Mike Martz Denies Harsh Criticism Of Sean McVay

Former head coach and offensive coordinator Mike Martz certainly had a significant amount of success during his tenure with the Los Angeles Rams organization. Being one of the biggest contributors to their lone Superbowl win back in 2000, his offensive schemes led to numerous broken records and the development of two Pro Bowl quarterbacks in both Kurt Warner and Marc Bulger.

Almost 20 years later, Martz once again finds himself as a talking point within the Rams community, only under different circumstances.

After having been quoted as “wanting to puke” due to the hiring of young head coach Sean McVay in Thomas George’s new book,“”Blitzed: Why NFL Teams Gamble on Starting Rookie Quarterbacks,” Martz took the time to appear on ESPN LA 710 to clarify his statement.

“I would never say something like that. [The quote] was kind of embellished. It was a very short interview, and I think what I told [author Thomas George] was there’s only a couple years’ difference between them, and they probably brought him in because of his ability to communicate. With [Goff], you want somebody more his age, I guess. But all of that other garbage, I would never say something like that.”

According to George’s new book, the main reasoning behind Mart’z criticism of the McVay hiring was because they hired a “buddy” for young Rams quarterback as opposed to a seasoned NFL coach.

George stands by his writing, releasing a statement Tuesday night reading:

“At no point in a 48-minute phone interview on April 21st for ‘Blitzed’ did Mike Martz request any off the record comments or restrain from offering his strong opinions on a variety of NFL quarterbacking subjects, including Rams head coach Sean McVay and quarterback Jared Goff. His quotes in today’s book excerpts on SBNation are completely, 100 percent accurate.”

George followed his statement by announcing he will later appear on 710 ESPN LA to further discuss the issue.