Rams News: Matthew Stafford ‘Happy’ To See Allen Robinson Break Through In Week 6 Win
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams finally seemed to find a groove to their offense as they came alive in their Week 6 win against the Carolina Panthers.

The Rams started out slow in the first half but executed much better in the second half to earn a 24-10 victory to set up some positive momentum heading into their bye week.

A big part of their offensive resurgence was Allen Robinson, who recorded season-highs in receptions and receiving yards along with his second touchdown of the 2022 season. The wide receiver was targeting six times, hauling in five receptions for 63 yards.

Matthew Stafford is the one responsible for getting his receivers the ball and broke down several of Robinson’s plays, expressing how proud he was of his teammate.

“Out of the corner of my eye saw they tried to quick jam him and once he beat that, then I was just trying to put it up into a good spot,” Stafford said of the touchdown pass.

“He had a size advantage to start, and I was happy to see him go up and make that play. It was a great play. I thought he played great today. [I gave] him some opportunities on some stuff, third down down the sideline was a great catch. He did a great job on a play action where we were trying to get it down the field, kind of working in [the] underneath window with me, with a catch and run. Had another nice catch on an in breaker on a third down conversion. They tried to show us man, played mask Tampa and he sat over the ball, was a nice job and was able to dot it on them. So, he did a lot of good stuff today in the past game. I was happy for him.”

Some around the league started to wonder whether or not Robinson was washed, but clearly he’s able to contribute when given opportunities. With this game under his belt, perhaps this means Sean McVay will find more ways to get him involved once they come back from break.