Rams News: Matthew Stafford Feeling Better Physically Compared To Last Training Camp
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams offense cratered in 2022 when the pillars of their offense went down to injuries. Both Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp saw their season cut short and the Rams predictably struggled to move the football downfield without them. However, both Stafford and Kupp are healthy and are expected to be available for Week 1.

Stafford, in particular, has dealt with various ailments since Los Angeles traded for him, but this training camp is different as he expressed how much better he is feeling.

“I feel a lot better physically. I feel really healthy compared to where I was at this point last year, so that’s fun for me. I was able to get the work in that I wanted to get in coming into this and that makes it a whole lot more fun for me and just excited to be out here.”

With injuries affecting his ability to effective on the field the past couple of seasons, some believe Stafford will struggle to regain his form. However, he remains determine to prove that he’s still able to win games.

“I think the biggest thing, I’ve been around, played the game for a little bit. If you’re not out here trying to prove yourself every single time you step out here, (you’re) probably not in the right spot. Whether you’ve played a long time, this is your first snap as a player on the field, whatever it is, if you’re not out here trying to prove yourself as a player and as a team every time, this is an unforgiving game and so you have to come out here and bring it every single time.

“Injuries, things like that, things you can’t control, those happen. But if you’re not chin strapped, buckled up ready to go to prove what you’re all about and what your team is going to be all about, then you’re in the wrong business and I feel like at this point, we got a bunch of guys that are setting their jaw in the right way.”

Stafford’s one of the toughest players in the NFL and is no stranger to playing with pain, but it’ll be exciting for the team to see what he can do unhampered.

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