Rams Youngest Team For Fifth Consecutive Season

Despite the struggle for playoff contention in recent years, the Los Angeles Rams are regarded as an extremely talented, but young and vastly inexperienced team. With stars like second-year running back Todd Gurley and third-year defensive tackle Aaron Donald, it is not necessarily always a bad thing.

At some point, the most youthful of teams eventually become a squad full of savvy veterans. However, that certainly has not been the case with the Rams. Every year after the final rosters are announced, Jimmy Kempski of Philly Voice lists the youngest teams in the league based on median age. For the fifth consecutive year in a row, Los Angeles finds themselves at the top of the list:

Los Angeles Rams

While the difference between the Rams and the oldest team in the NFL (Atlanta Falcons) is only two years, the amount of experience adds up on a team scale. It started in 2012 when Los Angeles brought in a haul of picks that ultimately enticed head coach Jeff Fisher to come to the team in the first place. Since then, Fisher has possessed the youngest team in the league in each of his five years with the Rams.

That does not seem to be changing anytime soon after the Rams cut a number of veterans in favor of a number of their younger counterparts. Although there is no statistic on whether or not having a young team equates to winning or losing, it should be noted that other teams ranked in the top-10 include the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, and Green Bay Packers.