Rams News: Les Snead Expects To Have 10 Total Selections In 2023 NFL Draft
Rams, Les Snead
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have bucked the traditional ways of building a roster through the draft, instead trading high draft picks in exchange for proven stars.

The model worked to perfection in 2021 when the Rams won Super Bowl LVI on the backs of players like Matthew Stafford, Von Miller and Jalen Ramsey. While it’s certainly a risky way to build a team, general manager Les Snead has shown no hesitancy when going after proven talent to bolster the core of the roster.

After a disastrous 2022 season though, Snead and company will need to be more prudent with how they add to the team as they look to get back on track. The upcoming 2023 NFL Draft will be pivotal in replenishing the roster, and Snead acknowledged that he expects to have 10 picks in total when factoring in compensatory picks, via Stu Jackson of TheRams.com:

Snead said that factoring in compensatory picks, the expect to have 10 selections total in the 2023 NFL Draft, which is scheduled to take place Thursday, April 27 through Saturday, April 29 in Kansas City.

“A lot of those picks are going to come on Day 3,” Snead said. “And what we’ve been able to do, if our starting lineups were very competent as a collective, we’ve been able to use those Day 3 picks as relatively competent depth players that come in to partner with those starters when necessary.”

Los Angeles has done well to make up for their lack of first-round picks with the compensatory pick model. This year, they’ll be awarded Day 3 picks after previously losing Miller, Darious Williams, Austin Corbett and Sebastian Joseph-Day in free agency.

The Rams have a notable track record of finding contributors on Day 3, with players like Jordan Fuller being a prime example of a rookie who came in and immediately started. The depth on the roster was tested past its limit during the 2022 campaign with so many injuries, so the Rams will need to hit on their late picks in order to avoid the same issue.

If there’s a bright side to their poor season it’s that they’ll have some earlier selections to play around with. Their first pick will come at No. 37 overall in the second round, and they’ll also have No. 70 overall. With the success rate they’ve had on Day 2 picks, Snead could opt to trade back in the draft in order to add to their pick pool and find even more help.