Rams News: Lance Kendricks Sheds Light On Upcoming Adjustments For London

The Los Angeles Rams had some small-scale adjustments in their early start loss against the Detroit Lions. However, they move onward for an international adjustment heading forward. The team embarks for their “home game” in London, at Twickenham Stadium.

As a part of the National Football League in London, the Rams face the New York Giants in an experimental game for commissioner Roger Godell. Head coach Jeff Fisher must prepare his team for all the physical and mental adjustments required, including adjusting their schedules to the time change.

London is eight hours ahead of Los Angeles, meaning a 10:00 A.M. practice in London would register as a 2:00 A.M. start time in Los Angeles. This adjustment requires strong commitment from the coaching staff and the roster, while the team must continually prepare their scouting reports for the Giants.

Tight end Lance Kendricks, who has spent all his six professional seasons with the Rams, is preparing steadily for the transition. In an interview with theRams.com, Kendricks stated that although it’s a new atmosphere, it is still football:

“I mean it’s different. It’s still a game of football, but it’s a different environment,” Kendricks said. “Everybody has a British accent, so it’s not too different to worry about, except for really the time difference. That’s the main thing.

Kendricks actually resided as an ambassador for the NFL in their program in London. As a part of the NFL agreement with Twickenham Stadium and London, the 28-year-old visited London and spoke on behalf of the NFL.

Kendricks, along with other NFL players, ran clinics and camps that taught London about American Football. The kids underwent certain drills and received an opportunity to ask the players any questions they had about the sport.

The Wisconsin native stated that according to the other ambassadors, the popularity of American Football has tremendously grown. Kendricks also had some advice for his fellow teammates on the proper preparation for the adjustment ahead:

“My advice would be just to get your sleep now, because we’re going to be up at the time your body is telling you to go to sleep,” Kendrick stated. “Just kind of focus on the game. We’ll have some time off to visit the city.”

During the Week 6 contest, Kendricks hauled in five catches for 34 yards, including one touchdown. The touchdown reception was his first of the season, a strong sign of the emerging passing game.