Rams News: Kyren Williams Gifts Game Jersey To Mom After Recording First Offensive Snaps In NFL
Kyren Williams, Rams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl defense has fallen off the wayside, but there are still some bright spots the team can hang their hat on.

One of them is rookie running back Kyren Williams who the Rams traded up for in the 2022 NFL Draft. Williams has suffered a couple of injuries in his young career that have prevented him from taking the field, but he finally got his first taste of offensive snaps in the NFL in Week 10 against the Arizona Cardinals.

Williams appeared on special teams in Week 1 before getting hurt, so he relished the opportunity to be in his jersey and pads again and gifted his game jersey to his mom, via J.B. Long of TheRams.com:

“I took my jersey off, my pads. I was like, ‘There’s no way I’m giving this back!’ This is my first NFL jersey after what happened eight weeks ago. I’m going to keep this. This is my gift to my mom,” Williams said of his game-worn number 23.

The rookie was lauded at Notre Dame for his leadership and because of that was voted a captain. He admitted that becoming a captain at the pro level is a goal of his:

“100 percent. And it’s nothing that I try to do,” Williams said of his leadership style. “It’s not like I go out there… try to be the biggest motivator that I can be. No, it’s just – bro, when I say I love this game, I really love this game.”

So far, the coaching staff and his teammates have taken note of how passionate Williams is and that kind of enthusiasm is needed in a season like this one. From an on-field standpoint, the running game has been underwhelming so hopefully the young back can take advantage of his opportunities and give the offense the juice it’s sorely been lacking.