Rams News: Jeff Fisher Was Surprised By Eric Dickerson’s Comments

There has recently been some drama between Los Angeles Rams Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson and Rams head coach Jeff Fisher, as Dickerson vowed that he would not attend another game at the Coliseum as long as Fisher is the head coach of the team.

He made that vow because he said that Fisher recently banned him from being on the sidelines at games after he made some critical comments of both Fisher and the teams, which Fisher told him made the team uncomfortable with him being on the sidelines.

While all of that came from Dickerson himself, it appears that Fisher remembers his conversation with Dickerson a bit differently, and he is surprised that Dickerson made those comments, via Michael Silver of Sports Illustrated:

Fisher also said that he invited Dickerson to come to practice to be a part of the Rams family, something that Dickerson has done in recent years.

Dickerson is not the only one who has criticized Fisher in recent weeks, as the Rams have lost six of their last seven games and sit at 4-7 on the season. Fisher has 163 career losses as a head coach, which is two losses away from tying the NFL record for most losses. In 22 seasons as a head coach Fisher has made the playoffs just six times.