Rams News: Jeff Fisher Jokes About Zero Touchdowns

To begin the 2016-17 NFL season, it is no secret the Los Angeles Rams offense has a lot of work to do. They are currently the only team in the league that has yet to score a touchdown, but find themselves 1-1 after two weeks.

Of course, as with any young team that is still settling into a new city, struggles are to be expected. However, head coach Jeff Fisher has taken a light-hearted approach to the team’s offensive woes when he revealed a box that was ‘lost’ during the move to Los Angeles that seemingly had all the answers according to Myles Simmons of Rams:

“It was full of touchdowns,” Fisher said. “So we watched some touchdowns today. The defense got a kick out of it.”

While their lack of ability to score thus far this season is certainly alarming, the offense did show tremendous improvement from their Week 1 debacle in San Francisco. With teams locking in on All-Pro running back Todd Gurley, it will be up to Case Keenum and his receiving corps to open up the defense:

“I like throwing touchdowns, I like touchdowns– I love winning. I think that’s quite a bit more important,” Keenum said. “But I believe we’ve got to score touchdowns to win in this league. They kind of go hand in hand, most of the time.”

The Rams are the first team since the 2006 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders to go through the first two games without a touchdown. They will look to avoid the wrong side of history as one of only two teams in history to go without a touchdown in the first three games of the season.