Rams News: Jared Goff Raising Donations For Those Affected By Wildfires

The Los Angeles Rams have every reason to feel good about themselves after winning a tough game on the road against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 6. The special teams unit was able to score two touchdowns, easing the burden on Jared Goff and the rest of the offense.

Despite their success, they are more important matters to attend to like the wildfires happening in Northern California. Goff, who is from the area, has started a GoFundMe page to support those who have been affected by the fire:

Being from the Bay Area and more specifically the North Bay Area the recent fires in the Sonoma, Napa, and Santa Rosa area have hit literally close to home for me. Like many others from the area, I know many families that have been seriously affected by this tragedy by losing loved ones or entire homes. I wanted to start this fund to try and help some of those families and people in need at this time. I’ve been working with members of the local community there to make sure the money donated goes to the correct places. Along with my personal donation, I’ve set up this site to help raise money for the families affected by this tragedy. All of the funds donated will go directly to the fire survivors through the Sonoma County Fire Account.

Thank you,
Jared Goff

The fires have been devastating as the death toll climbed to 42 while also forcing numerous people to evacuate their homes. Goff’s kind gesture will go a long way in the relief efforts for those who have had their lives turned upside down in such a terrible event.

Los Angeles will travel to London for a Week 7 tilt against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are looking like a new team with Adrian Peterson in the backfield and it will be interesting to see how the Rams plan to defend the run.