Rams News: Jared Goff Discusses Final Drive In Week 2 Loss

The Los Angeles Rams came crashing down off their euphoric 2017 NFL season debut with a heartbreaking 27-20 loss versus the Washington Redskins in Week 2. Despite costly penalties and a non-existent run defense, Los Angeles still found themselves with a chance to tie the game late in the fourth quarter.

Unfortunately, it was over on the first play of the drive after quarterback Jared Goff was picked off by linebacker Mason Foster. Despite a blown opportunity at a game-winning/tying drive, Goff said there was plenty of good things to take away from the experience during the Rams press conference:

“I think it was a good play by their defense. They covered it up pretty well, it was a play I probably should have got to the check-down on and wish I wouldn’t have made — obviously,” Goff said. ” I think there’s a lot of good things to learn from this game. You never like losing and never, ever are you settling with that but there were some good things to learn from.”

While their final attempt was underwhelming, there is certainly some truth to what Goff is saying. The former No. 1 overall pick came out rejuvenated in the second half and finished the game with 224 yards and a touchdown.

Goff was unusually mobile this game, with his best plays often coming outside the pocket. If he can continue to steadily progress as the season goes on, there is no doubt he will have plenty of more opportunities to redeem himself with a game-winning drive.