Rams News: Jalen Ramsey Goes From 99 To 98 In Madden Ratings
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Although he is recovering from an offseason shoulder procedure, Jalen Ramsey is expected to be ready for the 2022 season opener against the Buffalo Bills.

Ramsey revealed he played most of the 2021 season hurt as he dealt with AC sprains in both his shoulders, making his productive campaign even more impressive. Known for his coverage ability on the outside, Ramsey spent most of his snaps playing the “Star” position that allowed him to be closer to the line of scrimmage where he could make even more plays on the field.

The defensive back is widely regarded as the best corner in the NFL today and that was reflected in his Madden 23 rating, via NFL:

A 98 is a near-perfect score that Ramsey should be proud of, but it’s actually lower than his rating last season when he received a 99. Perhaps the slight dip in his Madden rating is attributed to his lack of interceptions, but that shouldn’t be indicative of any slippage of his play.

Defensive coordinator Raheem Morris had the luxury of deploying Ramsey in a multitude of ways depending on the looks the opposing offenses gave and there aren’t many players in the league that can display that versatility. Ramsey is more than capable of locking up a receiver on one side of the field if asked to, but he also showed he could mix it up in the run game and blow up plays on the ground.

Again, a 98 is nothing to scoff at but it is curious his rating somehow went down despite showing no signs of decline. His place as the top corner in the NFL is cemented and he should another productive season for the Rams.