Rams News: Eric Dickerson Still Thinks Jeff Fisher Should Be Fired

With the 2016-17 NFL season currently in a state of flux, the Los Angeles Rams return to the city has been anything but glamorous. Now,the recent turmoil between the Rams front office and fan favorite Eric Dickerson has only added to their spoiled homecoming.

Luckily, Dickerson has now confirmed he and COO Kevin Demoff finally met to resolve the issues at hand, according to ESPN:

“I had a very good meeting with Kevin Demoff [on Thursday],” Dickerson said. “We talked for almost three hours, trying to resolve things–the conversation went well. I think we got some things resolved. He said, ‘You’re always part of the organization.'”

Although the two were ultimately able to hash things out, Dickerson still feels there are changes to be made if the Rams want to be successful:

“I think this football team would do better without Jeff. That’s my opinion,” he said. “He’s had five years to turn this team around and he’s had all losing seasons.”

While the Hall of Famer has never been shy about expressing his opinion, there is certainly plenty of truth to what he has been saying.

Since taking over as head coach in 2012, Fisher has led the Rams to a 31-43-1 record. However, recent rumors have speculated that Los Angeles may plan on keeping Fisher around beyond this season.