Rams News: Dodgers’ Dave Roberts Discusses Being Sean McVay’s Favorite Baseball Player
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Both the Los Angeles Rams and Dodgers made headlines with their hiring of rookie coaches Sean McVay and Dave Roberts a few years back.

Roberts became the first minority manager in franchise history for a Dodgers team looking to take that next step in the postseason. Meanwhile, McVay made history as the youngest head coach in NFL history back in 2017.

Both had their work cut out taking on their first stint in the second-largest media market in the nation. Fortunately, the pair established a strong connection as new faces making their bones in L.A.

It helps that McVay’s admiration for Roberts already stemmed from the latter’s days playing in the MLB. Roberts admits that they are kindred spirits in many ways both on and off the field.

“I think Sean and I can relate to one another. We can relate to one another, we both played the quarterback position, ran around, made option reads. He’s jumped to the top of my list as football players as well,” Roberts recently said.

“I just think for Sean and I, we hit it off from the very beginning as far as two guys new to Los Angeles. As far as the coaching side, we just have a lot of the same values and really just love players, wanting to empower coaches, really value culture and growing. I just love the way he motivates. It’s very sincere. Just listening to the way players speak about him and how they play, I like gravitating toward people like that. I’ve got the utmost respect for Sean.”

The two became acquainted through Jon Gordon, who happens to be a bestselling author on the leadership and teamwork. Ever since McVay threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium, they have remained in contact to exchange philosophies.

It came as no surprise to see that Roberts was among the notable names McVay brought in to speak to his team during their virtual offseason program. After all, their similar approach has clearly helped pay huge dividends so far.

Roberts has managed to take care of business by leading the Dodgers to their first World Series victory in 32 years in 2020. Of course, this came after facing plenty of criticism for falling short during their first two attempts.

McVay also had a chance to get the job done in 2018 when the Rams made the Super Bowl in just his second season. He is now looking to make his way back after missing last year’s playoffs.