Rams News: Cooper Kupp ‘Pumped’ For Sean McVay To Return For 2023 Season
Cooper Kupp, Rams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2022 season for the Los Angeles Rams was marred with disappointment that stemmed from the comical amount of injuries across the roster.

The offensive side of the field got hit the hardest, with numerous offensive linemen and skill position players getting hurt. The biggest injury hit was to Cooper Kupp, who suffered a high ankle sprain and was forced to miss the remainder of the season.

After undergoing ankle surgery, Kupp is expected to be 100 percent healthy and ready for the 2023 season. Alongside Kupp will be Sean McVay who ultimately decided to return for next year after mulling stepping away.

Everyone in the organization has expressed how happy they are McVay is coming back, with Kupp noting how excited he is to have another season to work with him, via Cameron DaSilva of USA Today:

“I’m pumped. Obviously an incredible coach. Having a coach like that that is so well-versed and so articulate and able to communicate as well as he does, going along with the knowledge of the game that he has is a special thing that you don’t want to lose. On top of that, just being a great friend, bring a guy I’ve spent six years with now. Have a great relationship with him. Being able to have a guy like that come back when you’re going to the facility, you’re enjoying the people you’re going to work with. That’s a special thing to have at work and I’m really glad to be able to get another year with him.”

Under McVay, Kupp has turned into one of the premier wide receivers in the league. Kupp turned in one of the best wideout seasons ever in 2021 when he won the Triple Crown and topped it off with a Super Bowl MVP award. Those kinds of accomplishments aren’t possible without a brilliant offensive mind manning the playcalls, a testament to the partnership that Kupp and McVay have.

That continuity on the offensive side of the football field will go a long way in helping the Rams get back to being the juggernaut they’ve been in the past. Aside from Kupp, Matthew Stafford will also come back completely healthy which gives McVay his usual assortment of weapons.

There’s a lot of work to do to get Los Angeles back into the postseason where they belong, but behind McVay and Kupp the team has to like their chances once the new season begins.