Rams News: Cooper Kupp Discusses Chemistry Building With Matthew Stafford During Training Camp
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are hopeful that their offense will find itself again with Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp both expected back in action.

Stafford and Kupp both suffered season-ending injuries in 2022, but the duo spent the offseason rehabbing and appeared close to 100 percent at start of the training camp before Kupp suffered a minor hamstring injury.

As far as their on-field chemistry goes, Kupp believes he and Stafford have been able to naturally get back in the swing of things together.

“Yeah, that’s been kind of the weird but really cool thing. It’s kind of felt like that from the first time he was here in ‘21, you know? It was just like that OTAs was just kind of like it clicked and we came out after OTAs we were able to throw together a little bit in July and it just felt like first time back was like time was just right there. I’m glad you guys see that. I’m glad that that’s coming through, but man, it’s just been something that seems like it’s just kind of very natural and it’s happened and certainly, we don’t take for granted that there’s work that’s involved in that as well. Lots of reps and time as you tone that in as well, but, yeah it is nice having that where you come back, you feel like you can I just pick up where you left off.”

Although the two originally hit the ground running, Kupp acknowledged that they still have more work to do to reach higher levels.

“Yeah, you never get complacent with things, right? I mean, the worst thing you can do is get stagnant and just be like, okay, well we’re good enough, you don’t have to practice it, which is going to happen, you know? It’s an ignorant and complacent mindset that I just want nothing to do with.

“So for us it’s like, hey, we know that we’ve got this natural chemistry about how we do things, but man, how much better can we be if we really are honing this thing in, if we’re seeing the field the same way? It’s one thing to run routes on air, it’s another thing to see the field and go see it from his perspective, my perspective, put those things together and be in the right spots at the right time. As we can get that stuff going, keep building on that, that’s when things get really dangerous.”

Stafford and Kupp are two of the pillars for the Rams and having them back will go a long way in helping the organization find its footing again. The pair is one of the best in the league and they’ll have to play like it in order to prove L.A’s doubters wrong.