Rams News: Brian Allen Did Not Enjoy Watching Offensive Line Struggles While Injured
Brian Allen, Rams
(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Rams have had a number of issues so far this season, but one of the biggest has been their struggles on the offensive line due in large part to the number of injuries suffered up front. Thankfully, the Rams are looking forward to a big return as center Brian Allen is set to be back on the field for the Rams’ Week 8 contest against the rival San Francisco 49ers.

Matthew Stafford has been sacked 22 times this season, the fifth most in the league and something that makes it impossible for an offense to thrive. Unfortunately, the Rams had lost four of their five opening night offensive line starters to injury, making it impossible to build any type of chemistry or cohesion.

For Allen, having to watch these issues while being unable to do anything to help has been excruciating and he explained in detail what it felt like to Gary Klein of the L.A. Times:

Anyone with siblings will understand exactly what Allen is talking about here. These teams are like a brotherhood and when they are struggling and a player is unable to do anything to help, you just feel completely powerless. That is what Allen has had to go through as the Rams line has been unable to protect their quarterback or create consistent holes to get their run game started.

The return of Allen should help to bring at least some stability to the line of the Rams. Center is one of the most important positions along the line and the communication and chemistry between Allen and Stafford has already been established.

With Allen and receiver Van Jefferson set to return, the offense of the Rams could be getting the boost needed to take some steps in the right direction and begin turning around what has been a disappointing season so far for the defending champs.