Rams News: Bobby Wagner Won’t Face Criminal Charges Over Fan Tackle
Bobby Wagner, Rams
(Jane Tyska/Digital First Media/East Bay Times via Getty Images)

Back in Week 4, the Los Angeles Rams traveled to face their rival San Francisco 49ers in the Bay Area and came up on the losing end, falling 24-9 on Monday Night Football. But one of the major talking points after the game came thanks to Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner stopping a fan who ran on the field.

When Alexander Taylor ran on the field during the Oct. 4 contest, Wagner reacted instinctively and tackled the fan. Taylor would file a police report on the incident, claiming that the Rams linebacker assaulted him and the Santa Clara Police Department opened an investigation.

But after the investigation, the police department chose not to file any criminal charges against Wagner according to TMZ Sports:

“A spokesperson for the Santa Clara Police Department tells us … after investigating the Oct. 3 “Monday Night Football” incident, police “did not file charges with the Santa Clara County District Attorneys Office.”

It was always going to be a long shot for Wagner to face any real charges due to the incident. As the Rams linebacker noted in the immediate aftermath, a fan running on the field is a dangerous thing as you don’t know what they may have on them or what their intentions are. Wagner acted on behalf of the safety of everyone on the field.

In the initial police report, Taylor said he suffered a headache, a concussion and a burn on his inner right bicep due to the tackle, but neither the Rams nor Wagner himself ever seemed too concerned with it. Head coach Sean McVay also put his support behind Wagner following the incident, speaking to Wagner’s intentions overall.

With that officially in the rearview mirror, Wagner can focus on trying to right the ship and turning things around for the Rams this season.