Rams News: Bobby Wagner More Concerned With Injured Security Than Protestor’s Police Report
(Jane Tyska/Digital First Media/East Bay Times via Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Rams did not have a good time in San Francisco on Monday night as they dropped their seventh consecutive regular season game to the 49ers in dominant fashion, 24-9. There were not many positive takeaways from the game for the Rams, but one of the biggest moments came thanks to a protestor running out on the field.

The man was reportedly protesting animal rights when he got on the field while being chased by security. Ultimately he strayed too close to the Rams sideline prompting linebacker Bobby Wagner to tackle the man and help security subdue him.

Subsequently, the protestor has filed a police report on Wagner following the incident, but when asked about it, he voiced little concern, choosing to focus on the security guard.

“I’m aware of it,” Wagner said. “[But] I’m more concerned about the security guard who got hurt trying to chase him.”

The lack of concern for the protestor should come as no surprise as most players do not look fondly on anyone running on the field who doesn’t belong there. There is also the danger factor as there is no way to know whether the person has any sort of weapon on them and could potentially cause harm to players.

In terms of the police report against Wagner, the protestor alleged that he was the victim of a ‘blatant assault’ at the hands of Wagner and his Rams teammate Takkarist McKinley. Depending on the results of the Santa Clara Police Department’s investigation, this could potentially open the door to legal recourse.

The protestor is reportedly an activist for the Berkeley, California-based animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere. He was apparently trying to “raise awareness for a trial involving the alleged theft of pigs from a factory farm.” But storming the football field in the middle of a game between the Rams and 49ers may have caused more harm to his cause than good, and definitely led to physical harm for himself.